Arabian Horses

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Game Description:

This is new game Arabian Horses for free online at our website You can play this game in your browser and your mobile for free. One of the oldest and purest horse breeds in the world. Yep, that is the Arabian horse. The name itself tells us that this horse breed is originating in Arabian Peninsula. What makes this breed so special is their elegance, strength, refinement and spirit. They have short backs, well sloping shoulders and powerful hindquarters. The head is refined with intelligent eyes and the neck is arched, while the mane and tail are fine and silky. The Arabian horse is a relatively small horse breed, averaging in height from 14.1 to 15.1 hands high. Play an awesome jigsaw puzzle game, where you will have a job to complete an image of this particular horse breed. Use your mouse to replace the jigsaw pieces and at the end you will see what you have been searching for. Enjoy playing this game!

How to play:

This game is played by mouse.

Tips and Tricks:

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