Beautiful Rainbow Dash

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Game Description:

Remember 'My Little pony Friendship Is Magic'? I absolutely adore it, with all their cute little characters. My favorite one is Rainbow Dash, though. Rainbow Dash is a key element of Ponyville because she is in charge of making sure that the weather remains beautiful and the skies clear. You already know that these nice characters, the talking ponies live in a kingdom called Equestria, and that is ruled by two princesses: Luna and Celestia. To show your appreciation for all the effort this cute pony puts into taking care of the weather, you will help her choose a beautiful outfit for her to wear. Rainbow Dash appreciates all the styling advice she can get, because being so busy with her responsibility, she rarely has the chance to pamper herself. Go ahead ladies and make Rainbow Dash look really awesome!

How to play:

Use your mouse to play this game

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