Estonian Horse

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Game Description:

New game Estonian Horse is free online at our website You can play this game in your browser and your mobile for free. As we know, the Estonian horse is an old breed originating from Estonia, over than 2800 years ago. Its alternative names are Estonian Native, Estonian Klepper or Eesti hobune, which translated from its native language, means the same- Estonian horse. Its been descended from the primitive wild forest horse, which were living in the Northern Europe. They are considered to be the direct ancestor of other breeds, as the Dole Gudbrandsdal and the North Swedish Horse.Despite their long history, they preserved their physical appearance and qualities of a northern horse due to little influence by other breeds. Even though, some think that they are still pretty much influenced by the land horse, which is now extinct. You will build now this horse again from the pieces in game.

How to play:

Mouse to play this game.

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