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Game Description:

Please visit our website to play new game Play Knight Age 2 for free. You can play this game in your browser and your mobile for free. Initially you will have to choose a knight, following the attribute each one possesses. Some are faster, some have better attack and others better defense skills. However, through the game you can upgrade your knight with various power ups and with each round you will become better than you was. Set the difficulty depending of your personal skills and let the challenge begin. Go from one to another place and fight with the most incredible knights in the eastern Kingdom. Use your mouse to click and set the speed of your horse and start the ride. Then, quickly after that click again mouse button to release the lance and start aiming. In each round you will have to aim in a different target so keep an eye on the target at the far right. The lance will fall down, so must click repeatedly in order to balance the lance and keep it on the target. E, R and D are the keyboard keys with which you can activate the power ups that you have already paid for. Do not touch the ground with the lance and win all battles in Knight Age 2.

How to play:

Please see the instruction in game.

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