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    Equestria Girls Coco Pommel

  • Equestria Girl Dress Up Game

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  • Equestria Girls Trixie Game

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  • Chibi Twilight Sparkle Game

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    Sweetie Belle Dress Up

  • Equestria Girls Creator Game

    Equestria Girls Creator

  • Equestria Girls Rarity Game

    Equestria Girls Rarity

  • Equestria Girls Applejack Game

    Equestria Girls Applejack

  • Equestria Girls Twilight Sparkle Game

    Equestria Girls Twilight Sparkle

  • Equestria Girls Fluttershy Game

    Equestria Girls Fluttershy

  • Equestria Girls Pinkie Pie Game

    Equestria Girls Pinkie Pie

  • Equestria Girls Rainbow Dash Game

    Equestria Girls Rainbow Dash

Games Are Designed For Baby Girls And Ladies



1: What Is A Girl Game?
2: Girl Game Designed For Which Object?
2:1 Baby Girls
2:2 Ladies
3: Sources Of Girl Games
4: Girl Games Categories
4;1 Dress Up Games
4.2: Make Up Games
4.3: Dating Games
4:4 Wedding Games
4.5: Shopping Games
4.6: Princess Games
4.7: Hair Games
5: The Popular Girl Games On
Girl games appears of 1990s and until now it is very famous and a favorites entertainment channel of thousand of young girls and ladies. Girl games are to compose games related girls and ladies such as fashion, dress up, cooking, caring, make up, these games, the girls will appear and play the main role of games. The most of girl games are played by mouse and simple to play. Everyone can enjoy girl games with the simple gameplay but they are suitable girl and ladies because they can get the opportunity to apply the experiences in life
Today, this game genre also developed rapidly and attractive many players join. Girl and ladies profit the break time at school, working place to enjoy girls games by following their way. They are the objects that need to change look daily. They can play girls game and get some lessons about fashion, hairstyle, makeover, nail,..over time they can also follow these games and beautify themselves if they want to. So we can tell that girls games are helpful for girls and ladies






What Is A Girl Game?

Girl games is designed for the girls or ladies who love fashion style, dress, makeover, hair style,.... In fact, it is not difficult to realize that young girls are interested in make-up, clothes, hair, cooking, love, etc and they tend to prefer beautiful and colorful things. The girls and ladies can enjoy girls games on the girl games sites on internet. Nowadays, there are many sites that compose girl games and the games related to Girls. They help girls reduces the stress, worries of life. Moreover, they can get some experiences for fashion, makeover, hairstyle,...They can get the suitable fashion style for them as well. Each game give the girl the unique way to make beauty. They can follow and apply in real life.

Girl Game Designed For Which Object?

Baby Girls

These are the main subjects of girls games. Baby girls or girls, they love girls games of course because they play the main in games. All activities are related to them. They can enjoy girls games with the devices such as desktop, smartphone, tablets,, there is the modern version can be played on any device. They can can enjoy directly on internet to avoid the virus for their devices. Girls games are often designed with the nice Graphics and interface as girls. They love much the beauty with fashion, dress, makeover,..there are the detail in games from small to big, help girl to understand and play games more easily.


Girl games are designed for girls and ladies because as girls, ladies love fashion as well. They can spend many time and money for their beauty. So, if you wan to give ladies a gift, you can give the method and way to help them make beauty. There are full information in girls games that they need. Girls games help them to be great mothers wives, because they dress up and cook well thanks to the experience they have from these games. They are the objects that need to change look daily especially on the some occasion as new year party, Christmas party,..they want to get the gorgeous look. So, they can get the experiences in girl games.

Sources Of Girl Games

Girl games are released in the years of 1990s by some developers who specifically target girls when creating their game. The target audience for these games is girls, aims to help ladies and girls have a good time after stressful working hours and get some experiences of fashion, hairstyle, makeover...Since then, the girl games category has grown strongly to help young girls have more fashion skills, makeover to help themselves. Girls game are developed based on a market research into the preferences and taste of young girls, these games were mainly about gossip, relationships, and makeup

Girl Game Categories

Dress Up Games

They compose all games related to dress, fashion. By playing these games, the girls know way to choose the suitable outfits for the important occasion as new year, Christmas, the first day at school, birthday,..Girls are always associated with fashion, this is a part of their lives so dress up games came out to attract thousands of girls and ladies to play this game.



Make Up Games

As Dress Up Games, dress up games is associated with girls and ladies. The mission of players in games is to choose all the beauty products and make the characters in games nicer. They composes as eyebrows, eyes shadow, eyes lash, eyes color, blush, lip color, foundation, moiturizer, face mask, compact powder, Blusher, highlighter, cleansing milk, Mascara, Palette, Eye makeup remover, Eyebrow pencil, Lipstick, Lip gloss. This is a cosmetic to help characters in games more beautiful. In real life, ladies and girls use similar cosmetics to beautify themselves. With playing make up games, ladies and girls know which to use first, what later, what kind of background, what kind of beauty. So, playing make up games makes us nicer, it is real.

Dating Games

That is game category adored by lots of young girls. Teenage girls and dating girls can't afford to miss this games category. These games help them have beautiful and lasting love. The games in this genre usually contain the element of romantic and simulate the dating progress in our real life. The characters in games are the young who fall in love and they must prepare everything for the dating. So, the player must help them to do that.

Wedding Games

As real life, after dating is wedding. This is also a romantic game genre. This is nice result for beautiful love. The main task in this game category is to prepare everything for the wedding such as wedding outfits, wedding flower, wedding space, guest,..These games simulate exactly what things that a bride needs to do, so, for each girl, this game genre is so cool and brings them lots of exciting moments also. Everyone can enjoy this game category, especially for the girls who will do mariage in future.

Shopping Games

This is the most popular game for girls and ladies because of their shopping addiction. In fact, they can spend time and money in the shopping how much is not enough for them especially with many shopping aficionados. On discounted occasions, they can become ephemera with shopping. So, they love very much shopping games and they can enjoy them daily. Play the shopping games, the ladies and girl can get the some thing very interesting for shopping experience

Princess Games

Girl and princess have the similar element to love fashion, makeover. In this game genre, the player will get an opportunity to know life of princess. The way for fashion, makeover, hair style is not different with girls. The princess in Disney world compose Anna, Elsa, Marida, Moana, Ariel, Rapunzel,..You can have more knowledge about them with the Princess Games.

Hair Games

Hair Games compose the games relate hair of the characters in games. The task of player to create the unique for characters. Then choose suitable colors and make coloring for hair. This is an interesting game help the girls the ladies choose the suitable hairstyle for them. They will use the mouse and follow the instruction in game to play this game category. The attraction of these games lies in beautiful graphics and lovely hairstyle.

If you are finding out the girl games, you can come to our website where there are the popular girl games with some categories such as Princess games, makeover games, fashion games, caring games, cooking games, hairstyle games...They are for free at our website. You can enjoy girl games here anytime and anywhere if you want. We update new game daily. Moreover, we also added the search engine to find your favorite game titles quickly, and metrics to let you know which girl games are the most favorite, which games are highly rated most and what game is the newest. Do not be bothered with ads while playing games, is the best place for you.