Magical Pony Caring

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Game Description:

About Magical Pony Caring Game.
Magical Pony Caring Game.
Magical Pony Caring Characters.
Playing Game Course.
Your Main Task In This Game.
How To Win This Game.
Playing Game Time.

As you know Magical Pony Caring Game is one of caring My Little Pony game on our website As other games on our website, you can play this game in your browser, your mobile and enjoy it for free as well. You will use your mouse and follow the instructions in game and help My Little Pony Twilight Sparkle character to healthy again because she is messy and needs your help to remove all the mess then you will help her to get new look by taking the new outfits. Please remember she is dirty and tired. So, you must give your action quickly and exactly. Not difficult but not easy, this game asks your patience and hard. Now, you will go to step by step of the instruction in game. In the first game, you will use tweezers to grab all the leaves on her body. There are many leaves, so you must be patient to keep her. After that, you will use the shower to give a bath for her. You will help her to wash with water and shampoo. Please remember to use cotton wipe her body as well after washing.


You will continue to give her treatment for the wound. When everything for her body is done, you will go to next the page of game and help her foot as well. You must repair horseshoes for her as well. You will remove the old horseshoes then you replace new for her as well. Then you will clean up them. Now, It is time to give her some drug as doctor's instructions. In order to heal faster, you should follow all instructions from your doctor and strictly follow the treatment. It's time for you to bandage her wound and fix them.
After caring My Little Pony Twilight Sparkle character, you will go to next the page of game and help her to choose the nice outfits. It composes dress, new hairstyle, shoe horses. You can add some accessories for this pony as well. Please make her happy with your choice. Finally, you will give some foods such as carrots, water, creams, watermelon, Strawberry, bananas,..These are the familar foods for the horses.
About Magical Pony Caring Game.
Here you will get the opportunity to know how to take care of a My Little Pony character. This is Twilight Sparkle, a main My Little Pony character in the series film. There are the instructions in game and you will follow them. You will try to concentrate your mind your passion and your time here to handle your mission as soon as possible.
Magical Pony Caring Game.
You help Twilight Sparkle to make her healthy and cleaning again because she is very dirty and tired. You use your mouse to play this game. You will click all the necessary items to help her. All actions in games are necessary but you must follow the doctor's instructions because it is a caring game and you need to use drug for treatment as you.
Magical Pony Caring Characters.
You will meet again My Little Pony Twilight Sparkle character and help her to take care of her body then you will help her to change her look by choosing the outfits and some accessories. Please create new hairstyle as well to make her nicer.



Playing Game Course
In the course of playing this game, you must be active and carefully to get success and high score. Please take care of her, dress up her and give her some foods.
Your Main Task In This Game.
You will remove all the mess on her body. Then you will take new look for her. Finally, you will give some foods for her as well. Each step needs give your action quickly and exactly to get a high score. You must be carefuly and active in the ciurse of the game. You can recommend your friends, your relatives come here to play as well. This is a fun game on our site
How To Win This Game.
You must concentrate here. The time will be passed you will have more playing game experience. If you give your action to complete your task in short time, you will get high score and success here.
Playing Game Time.

This game does not regulate playing time but you need to resolve the quest as soon as possible. So your game level will improve. You can enjoy this game at alone or with your human counterparts.

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