My Modern Little Pony

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Game Description:

This game is a My Little Pony game type, created and developed by idea studio
The main characters are the girls
There are many steps to enjoy this game with the girls characters.
A unique activity.
Easy-to-follow on-screen instructions.
This game is a web browser game (desktop and mobile).
My Little Pony games »Make Up Games and Dress Up Games» You will help two girls become MLP Rainbow Dash and Pinkie Pie.

More Information about My Modern Little Pony game.



My Modern Little Pony is an in other game on You can play this game in your browser and your mobile for free. In this game, you will help Twilight Sparkle and Pinkie Pie to dress them up and make them up because they are going to go to a concert after school. Their favorite band is in town and the girls are so excited. In the first, you need to create Twilight Sparkle's make up. Use a mix of colors for her eyes, such as a mix of sparkly yellow, purple-blue and green. These colors will match her hair and style. She also needs a new funky or punk hairstyle. After finish to make her up, you will choose outfits for her. You can choose a purple top matched with a colorful skirt and purple leggings would look so great on her. Then you will help Pinkie Pie to make her up and dress her up also. She loves pink, so for the makeup, you can choose a mix of pink, purple and red glitzy eyeshadow. A long curly hairstyle would suit her so well and a pink tank top matched with a pair of purple shorts would look really great on her. Please don't forget to take accessories for them also!
This game is designed for everyone, especially for the girls and ladies. They can get the experience for make up and dress up here. It is simple but it is very funny and interesting. I hope that you will like this game and come back here to play more game. You can recommend your friends, your relatives to come here. You can enjoy Horse games, Unicorn games on our website as well. Besides this game, you can enjoy other games with other categories such as Descendants games, Io Games, Baby Games, Sailor Moon Games, Elsa Games, our game systems. If you have any idea or question about our games, please let us know. We are ready to answer them every time.
Here is the game video to refer


How to play:

This game is played by mouse.

Help two girls get new look as Pinkie Pie and Rainbow Dash.
Make them happy.
Have fun

Tips and Tricks:

You will finish the missions as one by one.
Finish each task and next to other pages of game.
Please concentrate here and get score.
The strategies in this game are active and careful in the course of the game

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