Newborn Unicorn Welcome Party

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Game Description:

Please play new game Newborn Unicorn Welcome Party for free online at our website You can play this game in your browser, your mobile and enjoy it for free as well. In this game, you will help mommy unicorn to give birth. Very simple to play this game, you just use your mouse and click all the neccessary items. In the first game, you must help mommy unicorn to take care of her health. You will use the medical tool and doctor's instructions and help her to get a strong health. You will check heartbeat for her and her baby as well. Then you will check the body temperature, you will have a pregnancy test for her. You have to measure her blood pressure. Now, you must give her some delicious food such as apple, tomato, strawberry, grapes,orange ..Now you must give her some drug by following the doctor's instructions. You can give some music for her baby. It is important at right now, you have to help her to give birth and let's start taking care of baby unicorn. You will check baby unicorn's health. Please check weight's baby unicorn as well. You must give baby unicorn some foods but before that, you must cook food. You will use water, milk, flour and sugar to mix together. This is an iteresting game. You can get some caring baby experience here. If you finish your task in this game soon, you will have more score.

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Tips and Tricks

You must give your artivity as quick as possible to finish your task and get high score. I hope that you will like this game and come back here to play more game. 

Here our video, you can use it to refer playing better.

How to play:

Play this game with your mouse and help mommy and baby unicorn.

Tips and Tricks:

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