Pinto Horse

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Game Description:

Pinto Horse is a gorgeous free online horse puzlle game. A Pinto horse is not a breed defined by the genetic ancestry. They are considered to be a color breed which is defined by their coat color. Pintos have a coat color that consists large patches of white and any other color. They can be found in any breed, but the Pinto Horse Association of America doesnt horses with Appaloosa, mule or draft breeds. In the past they were favored as war mounts since their color provided natural camouflage. Press and hold left mouse button on a piece of the jigsaw puzzle and then drag it to the edge or the middle of the jigsaw puzzle. One by one, all pieces will come together and form a complete picture of an exceptional pinto horse. In fact, all Pintos are exceptional, this is just one of them. Solve this jigsaw puzzle challenge and have fun with Pinto Horse game.

How to play:

Mouse to play this game.

Tips and Tricks:

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