Spirit Racing Training

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Game Description:

Spirit Riding Free Games remains one of the most beloved categories of games from our website, which is why new and fresh games are being added to it as often as we can do it, which is why right now we are inviting everyone to check out the new and awesome game called Spirit Racing Training, a new horse-riding game and horse race game online, made even better if you are joined by Lucky, Spirit, and their friends!

Spirit and Lucky are preparing for the official races they are going to take part in, which usually have obstacle courses, so you will now train on an obstacle course on their own farm, and to ride the horse is quite easy, as you use the right and left arrow keys to move between lanes, and you press the up arrow to jump over obstacles.

There are boulders and rocks on the two sides of the road that you are going to alternate between with the right and left arrows, and then you use the up arrow key when there are fallen trees in front of you since they can only be avoided if you jump over them. The more obstacles you avoid, the bigger your score.

Also, your main goal is to reach the finish line before the time granted for it runs out on you, moving from one checkpoint to another, which is going to grant you extra time. Good luck, enjoy horse-riding online with Spirit, and make sure to play more games from the category if this is your first time in it!

How to play:

Tips and Tricks:

Use the arrows.

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