Adventure Ponies 2

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Game Description:

Play Adventure Ponies 2 games:
Navigate levels by jumping on platforms and balloos.
Press the left or right arrow or A and D keys to move.
Press the up Arrow or W keys to Jums.
Press the down arrow or S keys to shoot magic.
Press the Spacebar to use your Pony abilty. Some Ponies fly or use objects like ladders or teleporters.
Collect objects by running over them. Press the Spacebar to use a teleport and ladders.
Apples & Crytals increase total score.
Elements of Harmony end the level.
Warp takes you to Bonus stage.
Hearts increase healthbar.
Pony icon (1UP) earns an extra life.
Levers open walls and doors.

How to play:

The search is on! The Elements of Harmony have been scattered deep within the caves beneath Equestria, and it's up to you to find them. Choose your pony. The more you play, the more ponies you unlock. Use the arrow keys to move your pony. Avoid falling into pits. Use the space bar to make your pony jump. Use the S key to activate the special pony ability. Use the special pony ability to remove obstacles (like cracked walls) and defeat each enemy you encounter. Each enemy you defeat will reward you with one of the missing Elements of Harmony. Find them all to win the game! Keep an eye out for hidden bonus rounds where you have a limited amount of time to collect as many apples as you can.

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