Shetland Pony

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Game Description:

This is new game Shetland Pony for free online at our website You can play this game in your browser and your mobile for free. We challenge you play another great horse puzzle game. It name is Shetland Pony game! Use your mouse to replace the mixed pieces of the jigsaw puzzle and create a complete image with an exceptional pony breed that is native to the same- named pony, the Shetland Isles. It is a hardy breed, though small averaging approximately 10.2 hands high at the withers. The head is small with wide spaced eyes and small ears. The neck is short and muscular, the body is stocky and the legs are short, but very strong. The mane and tail are thick and long, while the coat is also thick to withstand the harsh climate. Having a long lifespan, the Shetland pony is too cute, often very spoiled. Enjoy playing this game!

How to play:

This game is played by mouse.

Tips and Tricks:

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