Fluttershy Fly Fly Fly

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Game Description:

If you are finding the challenge game, Fluttershy Fly Fly Fly is a good choice because in this game, you must give your action as quick as possible. You will use bar space and arrow to play this game. You must help Fluttershy fly and avoid the obstacles. You know that Fluttershy is a female Pegasus pony and one of the main characters of My Little Pony Friendship is Magic. She lives in a small cottage near the Everfree Forest and takes care of animals, the most prominent of her charges being Angel the bunny. She represents the element of kindness.
Now you get an opportunity to meet again Fluttershy, a nice My Little Pony character. Please make carefully because just you have 1 small mistake so your character touches the obstacle is game over. This is very difficult but very interesting as well
This is a baby game but ths adult can use it to enjoy in free time because it is not a simple game. it has the game challenge. Very interesting and funny when playing. You can come here to enjoy Paw Patrol games, My Little Pony games, My Little Pony coloring games, My Little Pony pictures, My Little Pony names, Unicorn games, Unicorn coloring, Girl Games, Dress Up Games..all are free and we update new information daily. You can recommend your friends to come here as well. We will answer all your questions about our game systems. Have fun time here!

You can refer our game video to play

How to play:

Bar Space and arrow keys to play this game.
Help Fluttershy to fly.
Make them happy with us
Enjoy this game

Tips and Tricks:

Finish the task as one by one
Finish each task and next to other pages of game.
The strategies in this game are active and careful in the course of the game.

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