How To Draw And How To Painting The Unicorn Head

    This article is filled with free acrylic drawing and painting tutorials for the unicorn head. You will learn with step by step pictures and written instructions. You can have your own personal draw and paint party at your home without experience. Please scroll down to see all the drawing and painting tutorials. You will click on step by step and follow them. If you see funny, interesting and useful, you can make instruction for your children. They like surely this activity. You can help them to avoid away the other technological equipment. Because today, the children attache technological equipment. They lack the focus to do something, this is an activity that gives them the opportunity to practice their concentration skills. Draw and paint is the best way to assess the maturity of the child.

    Have you ever tried to draw and paint the Unicorn Head? This is an interesting and funny activity. Here you will learn how to draw and paint a unicorn head with acrylic paints on canvas. If you can make it competently on canvas, you can do it on any size canvas paper, water color paper, etc. And then you can teach it for your children. They love unicorn so much, so, you can try to have your child draw the unicorn using the step by step drawing directions below. You can transfer the unicorn onto the canvas using graphite transfer paper and the printable. Then you will make the instruction for your children as well. Because this is not difficult for them. They can enjoy in the free time and after the hard working hours at their school. There is the list you must prepare to draw and paint as following and please remember these are the neccessary and important to make the Unicorn Head complete. You will find a great time here with your children, your friends or alone.
    1. Materials Prepared
    2. Template
    3. Need To Enlarge The Template
    4. How To Draw The Unicorn Head
    4.1 Draw A Circle
    4.2 Draw The Snout
    4.3 Diagonal Line
    4.4 Erase Part Of Circle Draw Top Of Head And Spiral Hair
    4.5 Draw Horn
    4.6 Draw Eye Ears And Nostril
    4.7 Draw Hair
    4.8 More Hair
    4.9 More Hair Draw Ovals In Horn
    4.10 Complete
    5.How To Paint The Unicorn Head
    5.1 Paint Hair With One Color
    5.2 Outline Some Place With Black Color
    5.3 Paint Coloring For Horn
    5.4 Finish

    This activity is useful for everyone. They can profit it to relax in the free time, reduce stress, worries because you must concentrate to this task. You can forget all the trouble in life. This activity can bring you some funs and help you motivated to work. This is a cheap activity and suitable for everyone. You can use it at home, at office or in the picnic with family, friends,..

    Materials Prepared

    You must prepare all the materials by following this list:
    - Canvas: You can use canvas with any size that you want but you may have to enlarge the traceable to the size canvas you are using. So, you can actively adjust the size of the picture to match the pattern. It depends on your situations and goal making the picture, proficiency you will choose the suitable size equivalent to canvas, pictures, colors,...
    - Paint Category: You can use a few different brands of acrylic paint. Sometimes, you can change a certain color that one brand has and the other doesn’t. When you choose the painting brand and through several drawings, you can choose painting colors easier. To make coloring for the Unicorn Head, you must use the coloring as follow:
    Cadmium Red Light OR Jack O Lantern
    Primary Yellow OR Flame Yellow
    Bright Yellow Green OR Shamrock
    Bright Aqua Green OR Bimini Blue
    Light Blue Permanent OR Parrot Blue
    Titanium White OR White
    Mars Black OR Black
    Gold (I used Liquitex Gold Paint for the horn. You can paint the horn any color if you don’t have gold.)
    Medium Magenta OR Fuchsia
    Bright Purple OR Purple Iris
    - Paint Brushes
    This is the required device that you can make coloring for the Head Unicorn. You can choose the suitable color as one by one. You can make the coloring based color of pattern but you can create a different color. You will have the Unicorn Head with your own color.
    - Pencil
    You will use a Pencil to draw the basic path and the detailed path. As other items are we need to use a pencil to drawing and editing previous. So, we can say that the pencil is the most important tool

    Optional Gold Sharpie or Gold Glitter: These are the main colors to make the Head Unicorn. If you want to follow the traditional Unicorn Head color. You can add also other colors to make your picture more various. It depends on the hobby of the drawing, you can choose colors that are suitable for your picture. As you know, the main color of the unicorn is Gold Sharpie or Gold Glitter. So, in the course of the making coloring, you must use these two colors. Here, you will create and make coloring for Unicorn Head. You can add some color as well such as green, red, purple, yellow, your creation. But please remember to respect the main colors.
    Graphite Paper if your tracing the unicorn
    This is a necessary tool that you will use to follow the ready pattern. You can follow the pattern by putting the pattern on Graphite Paper. You will use a pencil to follow the strokes of the pattern. Then you will see the Unicorn Head form in the paper, and you will follow them.


    Nowadays, the template is very various. You can find it from the internet and then you can download them and follow to make the Unicorn Head. When you have the template, you can control the size of the template. You can make small or enlarge the unicorn by a certain percentage in Adobe Acrobat Reader. Because you will follow the template, so, you must print it out hack for large Canvas Paintings.
    You can find the template outside from the bookstore or museum where there are many Unicorn Head images that you can use to make template and follow them. With each Unicorn Head image, you can create the Unicorn Head without template as well if you can imagine all details of Unicorn Head. However, make Unicorn Head by following template is easier.
    Although, you can you can find the template easy but you must have the choice before using them. Because today, there are to much template and overflow that are transformed incorrectly with the original unicorn. Each people will have a unique creating way, so, it depends on your hobby, you can take a Unicorn Head.


    Need To Enlarge The Template

    As I said above, since the patterns we see from the internet are small, we need to grow them before printing. So, it can help your creation easier and effective. About enlarge the template, you can refer on the internet. You must control the size on computer and then you can print out them. You can make small or large, it depends on your expected to work on the actual paper outside to adjust the size for it fit.
    Normally, The image on the internet is always smaller than the actual image outside, so you have to enlarge the image. You also have to balance it to match the actual image of the unicorn head.





    How To Draw The Unicorn Head

    Not easy to Draw The Unicorn Head, this is a task that needs the careful skill of each detail. Here, you will step by step as following to draw the Unicorn Head and I hope that you can get the success.



    Draw A Circle

    In the first way, you must draw a circle. This step is very simple and everyone can realize this step. You just use a pencil and draw a circle on the paper. Beginners will also be able to draw the Unicorn Head with a circle.



    Draw The Snout


    After drawing a circle, you will go to next the page of way and draw The Snout. Here is also the simple step in the course of the way creating Unicorn Head.




    Diagonal Line



    You will continue to draw diagonal line by a pencil. This is a main stroke in drawing to make Unicorn Head.

    Erase Part Of Circle. Draw Top Of Head And Spiral Hair

    Now, you must remove the Part Of Circle and continue to draw Top Of Head And Spiral Hair. If you follow the instruction of the course of the way, you can draw unicorn head and unicorn body easier.


    Draw Horn

    After drawing the head, you will draw Horn. It depends on the head, you can make short or long horn. You can make also big or small horn. It depends on the head that can draw horn how to match the head of a unicorn.




    Draw Eye Ears And Nostril


    These are the most important detail in the Unicorn Head. With the small detail, you must make carefully because of the smaller the detail, the more you have to draw
    carefully and meticulously.




    Draw Hair



    You will imagine the hair of your unicorn head and start drawing the hairs for Head Unicorn. You must use many details for the hairs. You can begin with some hairs and then you will add more until you will have head Unicorn hair.





    More Hair



    When you have the head Unicorn hair, you can design more hair at around head as well. If you make the suitable hairs, you can make coloring Head Unicorn easier. You can choose long hair or short hair to be nice with the head unicorn that you choose.

    More Hair Draw Ovals In Horn

    These are the details of the Unicorn face. You must choose the features to fit the face. Please observe and sketch your imagination. You will see that there are many detail for this step. You must control the features for hair, for oval and for horn. All details must be exact.




    This is the complete step in drawing Unicorn Head. You have to look at every detail and add missing details in the head Unicorn until you will have a complete Unicorn Head with the full information.





    How To Paint The Unicorn Head


    Here you will know the detailed step by step pictures and make painting the Unicorn head. You will draw or sketch out the unicorn lightly with a pencil as I give the instructions above. It is only optional to outline it with sharpie. You can do it for demo purposes only. You might want to practice drawing on a separate sheet of paper if you’re struggling with the drawing. If you’re transferring, just print out the unicorn PDF and use graphite paper!
    In the course of painting, you can change the design of the snout at the end of the process pictures. So, the drawing looks slightly different in the following pictures but the instructions are exactly the same.



    Paint Hair With One Color


    You can paint hair with one color you like. However, you can add some light colors to make more various for the hair. Then you will paint the background with a small flat brush. You can use bimini blue (bright aqua green) and white, and dip your brush in both colors to get an inconsistent color. Please paint spirals in the background with a small round brush and parrot blue (light blue permanent).
    You can use blue shading color for head as well. When you shade with the blue, blend it in with the white by applying both white and blue to the canvas. You can add some shadow areas with white mixed with parrot blue (light blue permanent). You will blend it in white the white but you must remember that you use a little, not much blue. Then you will paint the eye and nostril black with a small round brush.
    You can use a small round to brush, paint each stroke of hair separately, following the lines of the curves you drew. You will go in this order: fuchsia, orange, yellow, green, bimini blue, purple iris. Slightly overlap colors to allow them to blend together. You can go back and blend the colors some more by using a smaller round brush and really blend the colors to get a rainbow ombre effect in the hair!





    Outline Some Place With Black Color


    You will use a small round brush and black to outline some areas of the unicorn to make them stand out. Please don’t outline everything, just a little here and there.




    Paint Coloring For Horn


    You will paint the horn gold or use a gold sharpie to color it in. If you want to get extra crafty here, add some gold glitter! You can outline ovals on the horn black and add some white splatter paint over areas of the hair and horn with a toothbrush. This actually makes it looks like glitter but it’s paint! Also notice that I added more hair! Just over lap some of the strands to achieve this effect. Use a small round brush to get into really find details with the hair!







    Now, you need to add some detail for finish your task. You can fix the unicorn’s snout by painting over some blue in that area. If you want, you can change the design of the head in the end and this is where the change took place. I hope that you will like this activity and you can get success with the nice Head Unicorn! This is a Unicorn Coloring Pages part on our website, if you need more information, please let us know! Thank you!