How To Make A My Little Pony Character

    This article will give some suggestions and give the way and you will know, how to make a My Little Pony character.

    If you watched My Little Pony film, I am sure that you like much My Little Pony character and want to create My Little Pony original character for yourself. You can draw, make a character or craft designs. I would like to introduce some elements that are used in the My Little Pony range but tailored to your own style.


    Firstly, you must think about your personality. You must choose about your think, if you have the sweet and caring personality, please don't choose a deep blue or black. If you are secretive and mysterious personality, you don't choose pink or neon colors. If you have a favorite color, you can choose that for the basic color. And if you have already got a color in mind, definitely use that.


    Secondly, you must think about the My Little Pony's personality. You will concentrate in your principal color and don't fall for the trick that lighter colors are more attractive. You can choose some main My Litle Pony characters such as Princess Luna, Twilight Sparkle, Apple Jack, Pinkie Pie, Rainbow Dash, Fluttershy,...And you can choose the suitable color for them. For example, with Pinkie Pie, she is pretty but is quite a dark pink.


    If you choose a My Little Pony that has a personality different from yours, you will try to think from her point of view. If your favorite My Little Pony character has personalities, you can choose both and gradient the relevant colors in.


    Thirsty, you must choose the design for My Little Pony character. You must choose the suitable color for the design that you can create your favorite My Little Pony Character. If you like the idea of a bright colors on your pony, choose neon colors. Please don't choose the same color as your pony, otherwise it will blend in. After that, you will choose your favorite food, your favorite numbe, your hobby, your favorite animal,...